Yellow ART of LIFE (AOL) x Abenk Alter Scarf

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Yellow ART of LIFE (AOL) x Abenk Alter Scarf 1 1
Abenk Alter is a former singer and songwriter. He believes that creativity is the nature of being, his passion for drawing and doing visual works Influenced by music and his interest in metaphysics and philosophical perspectives, Abenk Alter's works often feature bright color compositions and figures that he likes to call a multidimensional being. ART of LIFE x Abenk Alter’s vivid yellow scarf is a perfect way to colorize simple monochrome outfits. It's cut from a soft and lightweight blend of silk satin, ready to refine your style.
Size & Fit : 110 x 110 cm
Detail & Care
Material: Silk Satin